Courses Available

  • Women in leadership - Management Breakthroughs for Women Designed to help women understand the key skills required to overcome leadership challenges
  • Leadership and Influence Understand Transformational Leadership with the people you lead and adapt your leadership style accordingly.
  • Communication Strategies Identify the different methods of communication and how to make the most of each of them.
  • Mastering Team Effectiveness This course introduces various aspects of team work in an organization, from conlfict management to building motivation.
  • Public Speaking Speak confidently and without nerves. Engage your audience and deliver your message in a clear, concise and jargon-free manner.
  • Winning with Impactful Presentations The art of presentation & delivery. Designed for individuals who want to learn how to present the right message.
  • Negotiation Skills Strategies for a win: win solution that suits both parties. Negotiations are not always at the world politics level or board rooms. Negotiations face every day decisions whether it's deciding on a family dinner, team outing or asking for a raise. Negotiation is necessary for every day life.

Course Detail

Women in leadership - Management Breakthroughs for Women

Leadership qualities are vital in the success of any organization. While the subject of  “Women in Leadership” is a hot topic these days, this course has been designed as a one-day workshop to help women early in their careers or mid way through their careers to understand the key skills required to be in a management and leadership role.

The course focuses on how women can better lead by enhancing their natural characteristics & develop leadership qualities which will achieve recognition of their results, and also develop a self awareness of their skills to maneuver around the typical workplace challenges. It is a highly interactive programme where participants are encouraged to challenge their personal style and practices, and develop skills and techniques that suit their persona in order to be successful managers and leaders. The course has been designed to help women understand the key skills required to overcome leadership challenges

Designed for :

· For Women early and mid way through their careers, looking to develop key management techniques to be better leaders.

· Women in supervisor and manager levels  who want to further develop their management and leadership skills.

· For individuals who work in a male dominated environment and want to learn how to demonstrate leadership skills.

· Women who want to better understand how a woman's management style can succeed.

· For women early in their career who want to be better prepared for the future, working in an equal level playing field.

Duration: 1-2 days - 2 day courses focuses more on negotiation, communication and assertive skills.