Courses Available

  • Innovation Management Understanding and fostering Innovation is key to the success and drive of entrepreneurs and new business idea's.
  • Commercialization Getting your product or idea to the market requires a whole level of understanding in the markets you are aiming at.
  • Entrepreneurship Various entrepreneurship courses designed for new business startups, managing all aspects of startups to raising capital
  • Opportunity Assessment Opportunity assessment is the foundation of finding your viable business.

Course Detail

Innovation Management

Innovation and creativity is just the initial light-bulb. This course is focused on providing participants with a strong understanding of innovation and creativity. Putting these great ideas into practice requires strategy, procedures and techniques to manage with change and not lose the initial idea.

- Learn about understanding and fostering Innovation,

- Learn about the processes and tools that can be used and techniques to develop an ‘innovative culture’.

Designed for :

- Those who want to develop new business ideas

- Entrepreneurs and creative minds.

Duration : 1 Day

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