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Our Approach

Our recruiting approach focuses on fulfilling the client to candidate placement that lasts. This means we focus on fulfilling a career, commitment and long standing relationship that develops the organization and the individuals own career path. As a consulting, training and hiring firm, these factors have enabled us to understand that people placements with long term focus strengthens the organization when individuals see ownership in how a business develops.

Throughout our hiring process, our goal is to get to know a candidate so that we can better understand their potential fit within our clients organization, understand their development strengths through our personalized training assessments and assess the right fit for our clients.

The process includes five easy steps that allow us to get to know your needs as a client and ultimately find you the best available match

1. Client Assessment

This is the most critical and important part of the process where we research the real needs of the company. We will work collaboratively with our client to define the culture, needs, and fit as discuss the organization specifics that will attribute to a candidate suitable match.

From this we develop a “map” for the role that can be shared with candidates, summarizing the organization and the job scope. We details all our candidate’s management competencies, work style and personality in our reviews.

2. Candidate Search and Selection

We will identify potential candidates for our clients job profile, leveraging our network of recruiting and consulting sources. We will interview each candidate to determine their profile, personally and suitability and highlight strengths, recommendations and preferences of the candidate.

We work with our clients to identify a short list of highly skilled candidates. They will interview them and then identify the top two or three who should move forward to final interviews.

We then work with them to finalize the negotiation process and ultimately accelerate the hiring and on-boarding process.

3. Interview and Guidance

Our own interview process may take two to three rounds of assessments to ensure that we have a thorough assessment of the candidate. Additionally, our network of clients in our business, both regionally and globally enables us to verify references and referrals. Where require, we wll work with third party companies to assist with background-checks for those high profile or high risk positions. 

4. Completion

We assist as needed, on the development of a mutually beneficial arrangement based upon the candidate’s compensation history/experience. Our frequent communication will ensure that our clients and candidates remain well informed about the status of the negotiations, the offer and the acceptance.

We will stay in close communication with both sides to facilitate a smooth and timely transition and onboarding. Our relationships with both our clients and candidates have enabled us to be trusted advisors at a personal level.