Recruitment Tips for the Year of the Horse

By Steven Yeong - Specialist in Talent Acquistion


4 Recruitment Tips for the Year of the Horse

In my one-on-one meetings with hiring managers, the same issues keep coming up.

(a) Internal recruiters don't understand the hiring manager's business.

(b) Lack of communication between the corporate recruiter and the hiring manager.

(c) Hiring managers complain that corporate recruiters lack ability to sell to candidates.

(d) Frustration among hiring managers that internal staffing executives lack the domain knowledge in areas like competitor information, industry experience etc.

Here are the 4 most important recruitment tips you should strive to do in the Year of the Horse.

1.     MEET YOUR CUSTOMER- Recruiters should participate in the hiring manager's weekly meeting he has with his team. This gives the recruiter a better sense of issues that the department is facing. Being "embedded" in the department is much better than asking the hiring manager to give a 30-minute preso on the workings of the business. The weekly meeting is more rooted in reality and one can see the people dynamics at play.

2.     REFINE YOUR RECRUITMENT PROCESS- The recruitment process from headcount approval to on-boarding should develop into a rigorous supply chain as they do in manufacturing. This way, recruiters will have a framework where they can deliver weekly progress reports for the hiring manager regarding his hires in areas such as number of candidates approached, competitor analysis, salary benchmarks, rejection rates, reasons for delays etc.

3.     MARKET YOUR ORGANIZATION- During an internal meeting with a major banking client of mine, the Recruitment Leader for Asia was exhorting her recruitment team to sell and market aggressively to candidates "with as much passion as you can!" There were blank stares from the recruiters. It dawn on me later that it was because they didn't know how to do it given that most of them were HR generalists converted to internal recruiters. So began my multi-month project to instil in them the finer points of selling jobs in internal workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions. I think many firms face the same issues not only with their internal staffers but HR executives who have to handle recruitment too. In this world where candidates have multiple job offers, the recruiter needs to do a much better job in being a salesperson.

4.     KNOW THY INDUSTRY- If ever I were to return to the corporate space as a Head of Recruitment, I'll have KPIs in which my entire team would need to know who our competitors are and what they are up to, establish a list of candidates from our competitors and build relations with them. I'll get each recruiter to do a monthly or quarterly presentation on what's happening in our industry especially in their home country. Only then, can we add-value to hiring managers by telling them what's happening in the market that we operate. Ever wonder why hiring managers love working with specialist recruitment agencies? It's because of their domain expertise.

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