Re-invention of Women in Leadership

Re-invention of Women in Leadership

Women have naturally been leaders in their own way, from gaging the right partner in life to managing the home and family with multiple priorities and making key decisions in family life, many female employee’s will tell you that running a home is no easier than work. Women taking leadership decisions is almost a natural applied role and better applied in real life than considered as a workplace role. So how does one make this natural transition to be equally respected and recognized in the workplace? The issue has been so far, that women have been placed to stand and be recognized and compared to the male counterparts. Of course women and men have different leadership qualities but when most companies have naturally had men in senior roles, they only know to compare male leadership qualities.

Re-inventing women in leadership is now the pinnacle point in business. The natural ability to multitask, gage priorities and use the EQ has been their success points so far. It is important for women to constantly review where they stand personally and professionally with respect to time in order to determine the success they have achieved and what skills have achieved that. Many management gurus have stated that the best time to start working toward a new success curve is when you are the peak of your current one, look at what you lack and now work on that while continuing to use your natural talents. Given below are few tips that women should keep in mind in order to garner success in whatever they put their hands on -

Know your strengths– Women are good in multi- tasking and can perform a group of tasks well. However, every women has some specific talents and strengths and it is important to know about them and nurture them. You can do so by self-discovering your skills and sometimes even by taking help from others.

Develop and apply leadership qualities– In order to get accepted in leadership roles, it is important for women to first develop leadership behaviors. Leadership qualities like intellectual stimulation, decision making, team work, and inspiration are more frequently applied by women as compared to men.  The key to get success is to push yourself in using these skills more in your daily behavior.

Develop your soft skills– In order to help women succeed in leadership, soft skills play a very important role. Skills such as good communication skills, ability to work in team, confidence, and responsiveness are very important. If you think, you need help in soft skills, joining a training partner or attending a recognized training course may help significantly.

Be a finisher- In order to succeed in life, a simple formula is to work and finish every project you begin. Sometime following through is tough, you lose enthusiasm, but then it is the real test of your determination and diligence to stay focused and finish well.

Be disciplined– Be it men or women, staying disciplined is very important. As women in leadership, we have to live through many roles including those of being an employee, a wife, a mother, a sister, a friend, and many more. And in order to be successful it is critical to value all of these roles and do justice to all of them. This requires you to be consistently disciplined and sincere in every sphere of your life.

Remember, family is indeed the first priority- No matter whatever we do to achieve women in leadership, we should not forget that our first role is towards our personal lives from where we never retire. A women with a satisfying personal life has higher ability to transfer positivity and positive leadership experiences to professional front as well.

These are just some of the key points to consider in helping you lead forward. iEdge Consulting saw a vision for grooming young to mid level women in the workplace to learn about key skills for management and leadership. We developed a one day workshop simply focused on the key attributes. Check out our course content and get in touch to find out more when you or your organization can get more in-depth training for women leadership skills.