The outsourcing and off-shoring market continues to grow with greater amount of commitment, involvement and focus from key stakeholders on both the client and service provider organization.  Outsourcing, comes with a set of complex deals, managing multiple service providers, rising costs, vendor performance, economic slowdown, M&A, strategic transformation initiatives, new delivery models, new geographies and business risk.

Managing the Contract Performance and Vendor Management are the core area of focus in order to achieve the cost savings, minimizing the business risk, value realization and business objectives

iEdge Consulting offers multiple services including but not limited to managing the vendor relationship, transition, expectations, process improvements, performance management, change management, risk management and contract management. We help our outsourcing partners to understand how to drive the most value from your vendors while minimizing risk. An end-to-end vertical approach to service delivery, technology-led business process solutions and a client-centric client-partner approach enable us to deliver value  to our clients. 

Virtual Team Management

While businesses now operate cross globally, the management of teams across varies global locations has developed the need for a new level of cross functioning matrix management. Teamwork across borders has become an increasingly important component in making businesses more competitive and functional. They organizations a way in which to combine the various skills, talents and perspectives of people to maximize efficiency and innovation and managing the various cultural and group processes, and getting them aligned takes a special type of skill in understanding and motivating teams.

It is tough enough for a multidisciplinary team working under one roof to deliver a complex business initiatives. The rapid development of people communication, tools and technologies has created a workplace environment that is dynamic, and allows people to work across time, space and organizational boundaries. iEdge has the sound understanding of integrating cross culture communication and team processes to accomplish a seamless business practice

While these "virtual" teams can reduce travel costs and development times, they face additional difficulties because they are harnessing resources working from multiple locations across different cities, states and continents. Getting the best out of virtual teams can present a challenge even to seasoned managers.

iEdge can develop your virtual team management

  • By assessing your virtual team’s existing communication patterns and processes,
  • Make improvements that will enhance your team’s ability to collaborate effectively and maximize your project’s chances of success,
  • Coach your employees to communicate more effectively even when team members are a half a world apart,
  • Develop processes and procedures that are aligned with the overall management while managing individual location expectations,
  • Develop ongoing management practices to ensure teams continue to work integrated and seamlessly,
  • Develop people and process for integrated virtual team ownership.


Case Studies

* Telecoms client seeks to build a 'follow the sun' model of an outsourced Help Desk centralized to support teams across Asia, Europe and US. iEdge helped developed the various options with time, to implement, effort and cost to deliver the most optimal solution.

* Insurance Company seeks Vendor Management RFP development, process management and vendor assessment/selection to help identify a suitable Service Desk partner. iEdge assisted in the identifying the key objectives, goals and RFP process, while identifying key gaps to be fulfilled, performing vendor assessment and due diligence and supporting the transition to onboarding.

* Small business requires a CRM solution to help develop and manage sales. iEdge supported the business analysis, vendor partner solution provider and training needs.

* Investment bank requires Vendor Contract management processes to be established in order to streamline processes in managing multiple vendors across multiple sites. iEdge provided business process improvements for managing outsourced vendors while helping reduce costs, contract negotiations and service delivery requirements.

* Our Outsourced Vendor partners enable us to deliver resource services, systems development, support, and other functions for long and short term projects.

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