Technology Management

Our consultancy services focus on every aspect of the IT role. From relationship management, requirements management, technology analysis, development practices, consolidation, operations, support services to delivery.

While technology has changed the way we do business, it has also added a tremendous amount of pressure for delivery and output. We have engaged our clients to develop processes that achieve speed to market. Managing large or small projects requiring detailed tracking with the right balance of oversight to deliver quantifiable results is an art of experience and skills of the people who manage it.

With our insight and hand holding approach, we have enabled business to gain satisfaction with the right level of IT oversight and without compromising standards or risks. Transforming your business and IT support go hand in hand. Our focus is to develop effeciency in your operations that is specific to the business you are serving - nothing standard, but simply suited for your company, your people and your customers.

We can support

- Business / Technology alignment of systems and processes
- RFI/RFP, platform assessment and vendor management
- Systems Development process from business requirements analysis, design, development, testing, through to implementation and post delivery support
- Project Management and PMO Governance
- Data integration and validation
- Outsourcing and offshore delivery
- Training and Quality Assurance delivery
- Business and systems documentation including Audit compliance

Customers want more and they want it yesterday. By developing efficiencies which we help you to implement and structure, you can build a team-oriented workforce and achieve exceptional results.

Get in touch with us now to find out more about how we can help develop and streamline your technology services.