International Edge was formed in London in 2009 to help establish process and procedures in the technology division of one of the world leading Investment banks. With so much consolidation, our team was tasked to establish a global operational project management office between Sydney, Singapore, Munich, London and their New York offices. A centralized office was established enabling global teams to coordinate and operate business changes and manage teams across the globe. Increased visibility, accountability and efficiency in delivery were just some of the highlighted benefits.

Our assignments went further in working with local businesses and SME's in Africa. Part of our work was simply voluntary to help assist local schools to build better supply systems for their schools. Local businesses from resorts, to restaurants and retail shops were able to understand the use of the internet for marketing their services and get access to a world of opportunities that seemed limited.

In 2011 opportunities lead us to Asia. iEdge Consulting relocated to operate from Hong Kong to serve the growing and demanding Asian market. While many international corporations have Hong Kong as a base in Asia to serve their clients, we recognized that our local presence could not only support the local market but also support our clients both regionally and globally.